Thursday, December 3, 2009

Visualization Exercises for the Violet Flame

The effect in the mind, body, being and world of the individual who uses the Violet Consuming Flame, is to purify all the substances and energy in all his bodies--mental, emotional, and physical. It quiets the whirls of vibratory action in the emotional body, dissolves the impurities in the flesh, and consumes the wrong thought patterns in the mental body. In this way, he establishes habits of constructive thinking, feeling, and

To Use The Violet Consuming Flame
Part One

Visualize the Violet Consuming Flame rushing through your feet, in, around, and through the physical body, then up though the Higher Mental Body, filling the outside of your tube of Light first, then your electronic Circle. See and feel always within that Violet Consuming Flame the Spiral Blue Flame constantly cutting away all substance within the body, mental and feeling world and your atmosphere, which has been qualified with discord. You will find this brings a much more rapid dissolving and consuming of the substance through which discord has been allowed to act.

To Release the body from all excess substances, all wrong chemical action, and all substance that is out of balance: Visualize the Violet Consuming Flame passing through the physical body. Stand there a few minutes, feeing as deeply as you can Its Rushing Presence through the flesh and around you, for a radius of three feet in every direction. Within that, see Saint Germain's Spiral Blue Flame whirling with great intensity. See all excess substance, appearances, and records of age, strain, distress, and limitations; impurity, discord, or struggle disappear!

As you flash the Violet Consuming Flame and watch the Spiral Blue Flame within, see all substance within the body which is not pure, free, and self-luminous and as beautiful as that Higher Mental Body, pass out the top of the head through that Violet Consuming Flame, just like smoke or a shadow! See that substance pass off, and you stand forth blazing in Its Sparkling Qualities.

As you keep this held for some distance around you, It will keep consumed anything that might have been drawn to you through your attention being held upon something which was discordant.

If you call the "Mighty I AM Presence" into action, It will produce that Violet Consuming Flame under your feet, your chair, or the bed wherever you are; and if you will qualify It to be Externally Sustained, you will but need to remind yourself at least twice a day that It is in operation to have the greatest results. That will take care of the accumulation you have created throughout centuries.

Then in your application, to have results more quickly, watch your feeling and see that it follows your attention upon what it rest. It is magnificent! It cannot fail and never did in the entire Universe. If it did not produce results either you are not using the Violet Consuming Flame to keep dissolved your own human accumulation which comes forth, or your feeling is not following your attention.

In solving problems, The Violet Consuming Flame Does not resent, hate, or rebel against conditions. It consumes them; while if you enter into a condition with a feeling of injustice about it, you would resent it and that would tie it to you longer.
If you are going to be free, you have got to use the Sacred Fire; and the Violet Consuming Flame in Its Great Merciful love and Its Eternal Purity is truly the Scepter of God’s Blessing to the Earth.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Violet Consuming Flame
The conscious use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the Only Means by which any human being can free himself from his own human discord and imperfection.

Aside from the Ascended Masters' Explanation of what and where the "Mighty I AM Presence" is, the Greatest Possible Assistance and Blessing to mankind on this Earth, is the Ascended Masters' Instruction concerning the Use of the Violet Consuming Flame.

Through Its Use, They have dissolved all discordant creation of Their past lives and become Ascended Beings of Perfection which They are today. Every human being must do the same thing sometime, somewhere, before he is Free from his own human creation-past and present.

The Student or Individual should understand, that the actual Focusing, Projecting, and Sustaining of the Violet Consusming Flame, is done by his own "Mighty I AM Presence," for It is God's Flame of Pure Divine Love; but the part the student or individual must do, is to call his "Presence" into Dynamic Action, to produce It, and then visualize the Flame. This means to hold the mental picture of It passing through his mind, body and aura-from his feet up, through and around his body-cleansing them of all imperfection.

Thus, he can dissolve and purify all unnecessary discordantly qualified substance and energy, which he has used in all lives. This lets the Pure Energy, Light, and perfection from his "Mighty I AM Presence" pour out Its Fullness to and through him without interference.

Individuals have not the slightest concept of what they have created through their thought, feeling, and spoken words, even in their present lives-let alone all the hundreds and possibly thousands of embodiments they have lived through previously.Nevertheless, all the substance and energy which they have used was given to them Pure and Perfect beginning, for the purpose of creating and expanding Perfection on this earth.
Through discordant thought, feeling, and spoken word, humanity has created forms made of substance, energized by feeling, and projected into the atmosphere about them. Most of these are too hideous and unpleasant to put the description into words. There is no human being who has not done this to some extent, in all lives past and present. All have felt discord and sent it forth in thought, felling, and spoken word-most people a great deal more than they are willing to admit.

Nevertheless, the Law is the Law!Every human being uses energy and substance waking and sleeping. All are creating vibrations and form, through the individual's consciousness every instant. The Law acts whether the individual be ignorant or wise and no one ever escapes.

It is through the Great Infinite Divine Love and Compassion of the Ascended masters, that the great mercy of the "Mighty I AM Presence" acts. The Instruction in the Use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the most merciful service any being could render to humanity.

Through the individual's own God conscious effort in using this Flame of Divine Love, he never has to face his distorted creation, if he will use the Violet Consuming Flame with intense, steady determination. Thus he can reach up into the Ascended Masters' Octave of Life, and begin to draw forth more and more of Their Perfection,until he manifests the Completeness of Their Mastery- the Attainment of his Ascension.

This is the grace which Beloved Jesus taught and the only Way- in Heaven or Earth-by which any individual attains the Sate of the Ascended master, and becomes Free from all the limitations and inharmony on Earth.
The Great Eternal Law is that every individual must purify his own creation by his own conscious application, and use of the Violet Consuming Flame. It is not possible for anyone else to do it for him. since he created his imperfections and limitations, so must he uncreate and purify them, until all in his being and world manifests perfection. Then he is Free!

The effect in the mind, body, being and world of the individual who uses the Violet Consuming Flame, is to purify all the substance and energy in all his bodies-mental, emotional, and physical. It quiets the whirls of vibratory action in the emotional body, dissolves the impurities in the flesh, and consumes the wrong thought patterns in the mental body. In this way, he establishes habits of constructive thinking, feeling, and speaking.
The Violet Consuming Flame increases the vibratory action of both the mind and the body; so the Currents of Light and Energy from the "Presence" flow through in Perfect Balance, bringing ease in the feelings, which is absolutely imperative if health is to manifest and be maintained in the body.

The Violet Consuming Flame is a Raising, Transforming, Purifying, Vivifying activity of Pure Divine Love from the Heart of God-the Great Central Sun, which is the "Mighty I AM Presence" of Infinity.

As heat melts wax until it drops away by its own weight, as the heat increases-the wax ignites -being consumed by the fire; so does the Violet Consuming Flame melt away the impure substance in the physical, emotional and mental bodies of the individual who visualizes Its pouring through him and his aura, for a distance of about three feet in every direction.

The Action that really takes place in the use of the Violet Consuming Flame is that it increases the vibratory action of the substance in the three bodies to a rate in which no discord nor imperfection can exist; for these conditions can only exist in the lower rates of vibration.

In the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, which is Cleansing, Harmonizing, Uplifting, and Illumining Activity of the Sacred Fire-the Divine Love of the "Mighty I AM Presence," the individual has the ascended Masters Power to set everything in his being and world into Divine Order, harmoniously and permanently.
it but requires firm, alert attention, and an unyielding determination to have the same Great freedom which Beloved Jesus revealed to mankind; and which He and all other Ascended Masters are expressing and living today.

All individuals in doing this, should realize that the Violet Consuming Flame is the Actual Energy and Substance of Divine Love from out the Great Central Sun, which each one's own "Mighty I AM Presence" draws into a concentrated Focus as a Flame and blazes through the bodies and aura of the personality to set every thing into Divine order; so the Perfection of the "Presence," can express through the mind and body and out into the world of the individual.

It is utterly impossible for God's Love, Energy, and Substance from the Great Central Sun to have any effect whatsoever in anyone's mind, body, or affairs, except to produce Ease, Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Illumination, and Perfection. It is eternally impossible for It to create anything unlike Itself.

Remember that fear and doubt are the two robbers of humanity's happiness. Use the Violet Consuming Flame, Precious Ones of the Light, and annihilate once and for all Eternity, everything in human consciousness that attempt to limit or dominate you longer by the suggestion of fear or doubt. Freedom from musty old human concepts is yours by the use of the Violet Consuming Flame. freedom from the karmic accumulation of centuries and old race beliefs of ages is yours, if you will but apply the Ascended Masters' Instruction, and use the Violet Consuming Flame to clear away all that disturbs or limits you.

The Violet Consuming Flame is what Beloved Jesus referred to when He said: "Moses brought Law but I bring Grace." Grace means the bringing of all into Divine Order through Divine Love; and this is done by the use of the Violet Consuming Flame-the Only Way in Heaven or Earth it ever was or ever will be done, because that is the Way the Great Divine Law maintains order permanently and harmoniously.

This is the Knowledge of the Sacred Fire, which has been coexistent with mankind on this Earth from the beginning. It is the Purifying Activity that the "Mighty I AM Presence" provides, by which the outer activity of the human personality may again be made to express the Divine Way of Life.
Use! Use! Use! the Violet Consuming Flame around your mind,body, home office and world-in all your affairs; and your Blessings will transcend your fondest dreams.

Call your "Mighty I AM Presence" into Action, to release the Ascended Master Focus and Outpouring of the Violet Consuming Flame in through all you do to keep its action Self-sustained,in such a Mighty Onrush of Perfection, that naught can withstand Its irresistible presence and power.

Feel yourselves always surrounded by a Great Pillar of Violet Consuming Flame, the shade of the violet neon signs, with the Flame flowing from the feet upward through the body to the top of the head, and up into your own "Mighty I AM Presence." Do this with great intensity at least fifteen minutes three times a day. In a few weeks or months, you will feel such freedom and ease in your bodies, such clearness in your minds, and such Victory in your affairs that you will no longer wish to do anything but continue Its use.

If you wish an intensified action of the Divine Compassion and Peace, make the center of your Great Pillar of Violet Flame, a delicate shade of pink.

Realize deeply in your feelings, that your power to visualize is the "Presence" Power of Sight, which is used to make the picture; and call the :Presence" into action to keep It forever self-sustained. It is the "Presence" who projects the Flame, and the "Presence" always answers ever call instantly!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Violet Flame


The Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds. He is the Cosmic Authority under the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, the purifying, cleansing Power that is raising the Earth into its permanent Golden Age. There are thousands of Ascended Masters from the Earth and other spheres who have joined in Saint Germain's Work. They are living, tangible Beings who raised their bodies into the Ascension, as did Jesus the Christ, who left an etheric record of the Ascension over the Hill of Bethany. They are wholly divine and beyond the realm of human mistakes. These Great Beings of Light and Love are the elder brothers and sisters of mankind. They give assistance without limit to all who will call to Them and make individual effort to serve the constructive way of Life.

Saint Germain is known as the Lord of the Seventh Ray. Each time we pray to him, he brings us many gifts of the Spirit-his joy, diplomacy and creativity. He can inspire us with his innovations in science, literature, religion, government, philosophy, education, healing, alchemy and other fields.

For almost seventy years, Saint Germain has been preparing us to enter into the age of Aquarius, an era of peace, freedom and enlightenment. He appeared to Guy Ballard in the 1930s and gave him the first teaching on the Violet Flame.

Saint Germain said that after centuries of keeping the knowledge of the violet Flame secret, the Masters had decided to release its use to the public during this crucial time. Saint Germain has said, "The use of the Violet Flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet."


"The hour strikes in the evolution of every planet and its humanity when they must express the full peace, harmony, Perfection and the Divine Plan of the system to which they belong. When that hour strikes, humanity either moves forward and fulfills that plan, or whatever portion will not come into alignment with the new Activity removes itself to another school room of the Universe, until those personalities learn obedience to life. . .

"Human beings are the only creator of 'hell'. They can accept and obey the Law of Life and enjoy every good thing of the 'Kingdom' or they can disobey and be broken as a reed before the storm, by their own self-generated discord. Each individual carries his own heaven or hell with him every moment, for these are but the results of mental and emotional states which the individual has created, because of his own attitude. There is no other cause for them.

"Over the humanly generated chaos of the past, there are being poured out by the Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Messengers, great streams of Love and harmony upon which peace depends. Mankind, having so long pulled against the Great Cosmic Current of Love which ever seeks to bless, is now being compelled to turn around and seek the Light in order to survive in the midst of its own destructive emanations of the past."


Every human being uses energy and substance waking and sleeping. Everyone is creating vibration and form through the individual consciousness every instant. The Law of energy acts whether the individual be ignorant or wise and no one ever escapes. The conscious use of the Violet Consuming Flame is the only means Life has provided by which any human being can free himself (or herself) from his own discord and imperfection. This means to call to the "Mighty I AM Presence" to produce the Violet Flame® and then visualize and feel...

THE VIOLET CONSUMING FLAME.... the Flame passing through the body and around it. This is the way the individual becomes free from the limitations and in harmony of Earth and thus becomes the Ascended Master. The Great Eternal Law is that every individual must purify his (her) own creation by daily use of the Violet Consuming Flame. It is not possible for anyone else to do it for him. Since he created his imperfections, so must he uncreate and purify them, until all in his being and world manifests Perfection. Then he is free.

The Violet Flame is more than Violet Light. it is an invisible energy that appears violet who have developed their spiritual vision. In previous centuries, knowledge of the Violet Flame was given to a chosen few who had proven themselves worthy. Saints and adepts of East and West have long used the Violet flame to accelerate their spiritual development, but this once-kept knowledge was not revealed to the masses until the twentieth century.

The Violet Flame has many purposes. It revitalizes and invigorates us. It can heal emotional and even physical problems, improve relationships and make life easier. More important, the Violet Flame changes negative energy into positive energy, which makes it an effective tool for healing. Today we are learning more than ever before about disease can be rooted in our mental, emotional and spiritual states. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the Violet Flame provides a platform for our healing.

The Violet Flame is the essence of one of the "seven rays." Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into seven colors of the rainbow, so spiritual light manifest as seven rays. Each ray has a specific color, frequency and quality of God's consciousness. The Violet ray is known as the seventh ray. When you invoke it in the name of God, it descends as a beam of spiritual energy and bursts into a spiritual flame in your heart as the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, justice, freedom and transmutation.

I call it the highest gift of God to the universe. I think you we agree once you try it for yourself!

I have provided an exercise for someone who is experiencing difficulties. So, I thought I would start with this decree;

Decrees are rhythmic prayers that call forth a powerful spiritual energy.

This light-energy, combined with visualization, has the special ability of of erasing and transmuting negative aspects of ourselves.

To transmute is to alter in form, appearance or nature,especially to change something into a higher form.

I will be up loading more information on how to use the Violet in the next several postings. Any questions contact me via email or cell 954-200-5741.


You need to seal your aura with white and blue protective energy because when you call or bring forth light, darkness is drawn to it, as if by a magnet. Therefore, never invoke the violet flame without first calling for protection.

So you need to seal your aura with the white and blue protective energy. If you are not sure on how to do this, one of the best ways is to invoke the tube of light and the protection of Archangel Michael. Your prayer to Archangel Michael (or whoever you are comfortable with, your guides master teachers etc) can be as simple as "Archangel Michael, Help me! help me! help me! As the Archangel Michael of the first ray, Archangel Michael embodies the qualities of faith, protection, perfection and the will of God.

As you pray and invoke this pray of protection, visualize the dazzling white light from your I AM Presence (this is our permanent, perfect God Presence within), the Presence of God above you, forming amn impenetrable wall of light around you.
More on this later!


I Am a being of violet light. I Am the purity that God desires. Say 3 times.

Beloved I Am Presence bright,
Round me seal your tube of Light,
From Ascended Master’s flame
Called forth in God’s own name
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth violet fire
To blaze and transform all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with violet flame. Say 3 times
Love & Light

Monday, November 9, 2009

People On The New Earth

THIS IS AN ARTICLE by -Lauren C. Gorgo Copyright © 2009-

Gearing up! So yes, we are in the void... AAAAAgain...tho luckily we seem to be at the tail end of this one. For those of you new to the void, welcome. Here you will experience Nothing for long and extended periods of time. No connections, no desire, no energy, no financial support, no motivation, no clarity, no inspiration, no forward movement, no starting, no finishing, nothing, nada. In this space of no space there is only one thing to do... exist.
And fortunately/unfortunately...that's the point.

Why? Because this down time is required for fully activating our divine blueprints, aligning every single cell with the new and true (5th dimensional energies), completing all old business... and for the first wavers... preparing to finally and fully step into your leadership roles.

The most recent disconnect precipitated by the last push that we have been wading through for several days now is starting to resolve itself ever so slowly, and we are beginning to regain our composure, however, this process will continue to ebb and flow thru what I am hearing as "the final push" which will most likely pop us on the 11:11:11 gateways (11/11/2009 & 11/29/2009) and will reveal any remaining vestiges of fear or unresolved energies before we complete this cycle. yay.

In case this analogy crossed your mind, ascension really is like trying to squeeze that last corner of toothpaste out of the tube...we're being repetitively kneaded & squished as we purge the final remnants of fear, left with absolutely nothing but our bare bones (and when I say bare bones, I mean 30 lbs overweight) so we can, quite literally, start everything anew.

Post 11:11:11

Apparently there is a culmination of energies hitting the planet thur these galactic gateway portals that will bring the wayshowers/forerunners directly in contact with the new and true while simultaneously shifting the mass consciousness with another round of outworn-system collapses. If you have been noticing that your perception is recently colored with the vague feeling of impending doom, this could be why. Not that these proposed events are good or bad, only that the powerful energies behind them are kicking up collective dust for clearing and pushing us further beyond our perceived limits.

These high frequencies are also purifying and preparing the members of the first brigade, who are now treading uncharted territory, to be fully equipped with new earth resources and connections that will precipitate and facilitate an easy transition into ascended living.

In other words, you can't take it with you. All lower vibrating reality constructs MUST be eliminated or restructured to align with the new earth frequencies. And this means EVERYTHING... relationships, jobs, residences, finances, projects, creative endeavors, partnerships, businesses, etc. All of it must undergo a complete vibrational upgrade if it is going with you into a higher state of being/living.

This preparation period definitely accounts for those seemingly impossible relationships as of late... for example, if you are unable to connect with people who you normally connect with because of misunderstandings/conflicts/disharmonious energies/etc., most likely it is due to an upgrade... aka, letting go of any aspects of yourself and others that are hindering higher dimensional connections based in love, honesty, transparency, mutual support, respect, etc

As we shed the old perceptions of ourselves and others it can be challenging to relate to people with all the discordant energies rising for release and transmutation. If you can stay centered in your space as these energies work their way up and out, this will pass... and when it does, you will feel even closer to your loved ones. This energy is also severing relationships and ties with those who we may have outgrown vibrationally, so you may find it easier in some cases to just move on (sometimes temporarily) and let go of those who no longer serve your highest good. Your gut will guide you well here.

Masters of the New Earth Movement

When all of our personal re-calibrations and physical upgrades are complete (post 11:11:11's), we will finally be journeying into the most amazing part of living in human form, and this new life will clearly reflect all of the work we have done on a soul level. For those embarking on the new earth time-line, I have this to share from the Pleiadians:

"Be well prepared to exercise your divine power as masters of the new earth movement. You will be the guides, the examples for the next wave, the next generation of souls here to transform the earth into a living, breathing example of love.

"I will have more to say about this in future posts, but the star beings are making it known that we will soon be working with them in a different capacity. Now that we are bumping up to their "level" of awareness, we will be relating to them differently, and in many ways we will be working with them to create what they refer to as "the new earth movement". (For those of you who have been following my posts for a bit, this is the new work that I began referring to before the June solstice as "reporting from the other side". It is the next level of information available to us as a result of all the consciousness climbing, and this is where the fun starts!)

This movement will first begin with assistance from the intergalactic beings of light to help us understand the quantum technologies of the 5th dimension. They also say that it is important for us to realize that our role is vital in grounding and implementing these new earth technologies, and that their role is only to enlighten and inform us. It will be for the fearless & awakened leaders of the new paradigm who take the ideas and information and provide the template, the groundwork and the resources necessary to employ these efforts.

Preparing the Prototype

Over and again I am hearing that the time is now for those on the new earth wave to come together to begin preparing the prototype for ascended living.

This coming together of souls from all nations, all walks of life, is providing the antecedent for structuring & building a new earth. You may have noticed that you are suddenly connecting with like minds (even if for short periods of time) and people who may complement your gifts of service to the planet. If so, this is for good reason and soon these seemingly serendipitous meetings will become more commonplace as we will need and depend on each other for all of our higher dimensional endeavors.

This structuring process resulting from the connection of like-minds, via the new telepathic grid, will be at the forefront of technology and advancements in the new systems of light. Once these prototypes are prepared and well grounded by the forerunners, all those who desire a better, more sustainable way to live will be drawn to these evolutionary developments. "Build it and they will come" aptly applies here.

In the new year, the intergalactic beings of light will be providing us with the enlightened information and resources for 5th dimensional living for those of like-mind, and in support of the new technologies, to transform the current systems of earth into way stations for transition and to transform our entire way of existing and being into an integral part of an ecologically and economically sound system of living.

This will be the first step in implementing change on the planet. The second step will be in restructuring the way things are made, brought to fruition and the technologies that are used at present. And the third step will be the updating required in systems of governance to ensure the proper foundation for ascended earth living.

And though I am being shown that this will take place over a period of time, and with chaos and resistance on some levels, at the fore will be the blueprint, the integrated system design for all new earth endeavors...."

This period will come to pass as the great resurrection of connection and those who choose to be a part of the new world will have great opportunities for expansion and growth in their field of expertise." -Pleiadian High Council

What Now?

Right now and throughout these waves of clearing, it is so important to stay in your center, to rest, nurture and prepare your body to absorb and integrate these incoming frequencies of love. Its not as if we really have a choice, but if you cease to resist this downtime, you will have a much easier time integrating and remaining at peace with what is. If you do resist, or veer from your center (out of alignment with truth), you may feel weak and vulnerable, or susceptible to fear-based energies (delusional), so use this time to really bask in the nothingness and stay in your pajamas for as long as possible. Any projects/plans/activities put on hold will be waiting for you when this period passes and perfect timing will ensure their success.

Physical Happenings

With the advent of the recent full moon we have been experiencing some major pineal activations which may have sent you spinning...vertigo and excruciating sinus headaches, as well as ear pain/congestion, high-pitched ringing, post-nasal drip, incessant throat clearing/coughing, sensitivity to smells, etc.

We are also knee deep in detoxification & lower chakra clearings as we spin off any remaining densities while grounding fully into our bodies and the earth (bloating, rashes/itching, lower intestinal discomfort, lower back pain/aches, joint stiffness/weakness, FATIGUE) as well as massive heart openings which can include bouts of bronchitis, nausea, indigestion, chest pain, breast tenderness & swelling (especially on the left (feminine) side), middle back pain and soreness.

It is also taking twice as long to do what would normally take us half the time, so be sure honor your level of cap-ability.

The aches, pains & tension (especially around the spine/neck and shoulders) are very real on a cellular level, and keep in mind that we are operating on roughly 30% of our vital life force during an assimilation period, so it is important to bolster your immune system by staying still, avoiding overexertion and feeding your body extra love, purified/blessed water, minerals, nutrients, and live foods until the integration is complete.

We are weaving thru these dimensional reality portals on the way to our destination vibration where magic and miracles are commonplace. What we are experiencing right now is simply the release of old cellular memory some cases, we are releasing genetic toxins that have accumulated over centuries of misaligned living.
The best we can do during these integration periods is to:

Remain neutral (the space within you where emotion ceases)
Follow the thoughts that bring you peace
Let go, surrender to the process completely
Remain steadfast in your faith of the highest and best outcome
Disregard any and all external distractions and fear based realities.

This 11/11 (11/2009) month is a very powerful month of spiritual mastery... a month of fully aligning with the YOUniversal YOU while bringing your radiant inner self to your outer world where you will soon be needed to share your brilliance. We are so close to our goals and dreams so use this time to willingly excavate any remaining fear in your life so that you remain in participation with, and conscious of, the vibrational upgrade that is already taking place both within and without.

Mostly, be sure to stay true to your inner compass at all times because it is, quite literally, leading you home. Be good to yourself!


Copyright © 2009- Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. © 2006-9 Expect Miracles, Inc.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Future Life

The clear and precise idea that can be formed of a future life provides an unshakable faith in what is to come. This faith places enormous consequences upon the moralization of Man, because it completely changes the point of view as to how life on earth is regarded. For those who place themselves by means of thought in the spiritual life, which is undefined, bodily life becomes a mere temporary stay in an ungrateful country. The vicissitudes and tribulations of this life becomes nothing more than incidents, which can be supported with patience as they are known to be of short duration and will be followed by a more amenable state. Death no longer has the terror attached to it; it ceases to be a door opening on to nothingness and becomes a door that opens to liberation, through which the exile enters into a well-blessed mansion, and there finds peace. Knowing that the place where we find ourselves at the moment is only temporary and not definite makes us pay less attention to the preoccupations of life, resulting in less bitterness and a more peaceful spirit.

Simply by doubting the existence of a future life, Man directs all his thoughts to earthly existence. Without any certainly of what is to come he gives everything to the present. With the mistaken idea that there is nothing more precious than earthly things, Man behaves as a child who can see only its toys, and is prepared to go any length to obtain the only possessions he judges to be solid. The loss of even the least of these causes pungent hurt, be it a mistake, a deception, an unsatisfied ambition, an injustice to which the person has fallen victim, hurt pride or vanity. These are some of the torments that turn existence into an eternal agony, so in this manner causing self-inflicted torture at every step. From the point of view of earthly life, in whose centre we place ourselves, everything around us begins to assume vast proportions. The harm that reaches us, as well as the good that touches others, takes on a great importance in our eyes. It is like a man, who, when in the middle of a great city sees everything on a large scale, but who, when looking down from a mountain top sees things in only minute form.

This is what happens when we look at life from the point of view of a future existence. Humanity, just as the stars in space, loses itself in the great immensity. We begin to see that great and small things are cofounded, as ants on top of an anthill, that proletarians and potentates are the same stature. So many short-lived individuals give themselves over to so much labor in order to conquer a place that will do so little to elevate them, and which they occupy for so short a space of time. From this follows that the value given to earthly things is completely in reverse to that which comes from a firm belief in a future life.

If everybody thought in that manner, it could be argued that everything on earth would be endangered because no one would bother about anything. But mankind instinctively looks after its own well being, so even if it were known it was to be only for a short while, everyone would still do his or her best. There is no one, when finding a thorn in their hand, will not take it out so as not to suffer. Well then, the desire for comfort forces people to better all things, seeing that we are impelled by the instincts of progress and conversation, which are elements of The Laws of Nature. Therefore, Humanity works not only through necessity but because it wants to, and because of a sense of duty, so obeying the designs of Providence, which placed all people on Earth for that purpose. Only a person who occupies himself or herself more with the future can give relative importance to the present. These people are easily consoled in all of their failings and misfortunes by thinking of the destiny that awaits.

Accordingly, Spirit does not condemn all earthly pleasures and possessions, but only condemns the abuse of the things in detriment to the soul.

Those who identify themselves with a future life are as a rich person who loses a small sum without emotion. Those whose thoughts are concentrated on earthly things are as the poor man whose loses all be has, and so becomes desperate.

A belief in a Future Life opens up and broadens out the thought process, so offering new horizons. In place of a short-sighted vision concentrated only on the present, which makes this fleeting moment passed on earth the unique and fragile axis of eternal future, this belief shows us that life is nothing more than a link in the magnificent, harmonious assembly which is Spirit’s work. It also shows us the solidarity that joins together all the different existences of one being, of all beings of the same world, and all the beings of all the worlds. It offers the base and the reason for universal fraternity, whereas the doctrine of the creation of the soul at the birth of the body makes each individual a stranger one to the other. This solidarity between parts of a whole explains what is inexplicable when only one of these parts is considered.

Remember, It Is All Good!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Power of Faith

It has been said, if you have the faith the size of a grain of mustard seed, you could say to the mountain. “move from here to there,” and it will move.

In one sense it is certain that confidence in one’s own strength gives Man the capacity to carry out material things which would not be able to do if he doubted himself. However, here I wish to deal exclusively with the moral sense of these words. The mountains which faith can transport are the difficulties, the resistances, the ill will, in fact all those things which Mankind has to face, even when I refer to good things. The prejudices, routines, materialistic interests, selfishness, the blindness of fanaticism and prideful passions are but a few of the mountains that block the way of those who work for human progress (our ascension). Robust faith gives perseverance, energy and resources that allow us to overcome these obstacles, be they large or small. From wavering faith results only uncertainty, and the kind of hesitation those adversaries (old energies & thought patterns) we need to combat take advantage of; it does not even try to find a means to win because it does not believe it can.

Another acceptance of the term gives us to understand that faith is the confidence we have in the realization of something, and the certainty of attaining a specific end (the sacredness of our transition-our evolution-our purification-our ascension) It gives us a kind of lucidness, which permits us to know in our minds the goal we wish to reach and the means of getting there. So those who have faith go forward, in a manner of speaking, with absolute security. In either one of these cases, it can give place to the realization of great things.

Faith which is real and sincere is always calm; it permits patience which knows how to wait, because having its foundation in intelligence and the understanding of life, it is certain of reaching the objective it aspires to. Vacillating faith feels its own weakness; when its interest is aroused it becomes frenzied and thinks it can supply the force it lacks by using violence. Calmness during the struggle is always a sign of strength and confidence, whereas on the contrary violence denotes weakness and self-doubt.

It behooves us not to confuse faith with presumption. True faith is linked to humility; those who have it deposit more confidence in Creator/God than in themselves, as they know they are but simple instruments of Divine Purpose and can do nothing without Spirit/God. This is the reason why the Good Spirits (angels, saints, guides, ascended masters etc.) come to their aid. Presumption is less faith than pride, and pride is always punished sooner or later by deceptions and frustrations inflicted upon it.

The power of faith can be demonstrated in a direct and special manner in magnetic action. Through the intermediary of faith, man acts on the fluids (Grace-thoughts from God), which are a universal agent, modifying their qualities and giving them, in a manner of speaking, irresistible impulsion. From this it follows that whoever joins a normally great fluidic power to that of ardent faith can, solely by the strength of their will power directed towards goodness, operate those singular phenomena of healing and other occurrences known in the olden times as miracles. This is because they are nothing more than the consequences of a Law of Nature. This is the reason our dear friend and wondering Rabi said to His apostles that if they did not cure it was because they had no faith.

From a religious point of view faith consists of a belief in the special dogmas that constitute the various religions. All of them have their articles of faith. From this aspect faith may be either blind or rationalized. Blind faith examines nothing and accepts without verification both truth and falsehood, and at each step clashes with evidences and reason. Taken to the extreme it produces fanaticism. While sitting upon error, sooner or later collapses. Only faith that is based on truth guarantees the future, because it has nothing to fear from the progress of enlightenment, seeing that what is true in obscurity is also true in light. Each religion claims to have possession of the exclusive truth. But for someone to proclaim blind faith on a point of belief is to confess themselves impotent to demonstrate they are right.

It is commonly said that faith cannot be prescribed, from which many people declare it is not their fault if they have no faith. Beyond doubt, faith cannot be prescribed, and what is even more certain, it cannot be imposed. No, it cannot be prescribed but only acquired, and there is no one who is prevented from possessing it, even amongst those who are the most refractory. I am speaking of the basic spiritual truths and not any particular belief. It is not the part of faith to seek these people out, but they should go and seek faith, and if they search with sincerity they are bound to find it. You can be sure that those who say "There is nothing I should like more than to believe, but I cannot", only say this with their lips and not with their hearts, seeing that while the are saying it they it they close their ears. However, the proof is all around them, so why do they refuse to see? On the part of some it is indifference; of others the fear of being forced to change their habits. But in the majority there is pride which refuses to recognize the existence of a superior force because they would then have to bow down before it.

In some people faith appears to be inborn, a spark being enough to cause it to unfold. This case of assimilation of spiritual truths is an evident sign of previous progress. On the contrary, in others there is difficulty of assimilation that is a no less evident sign of their backward natures. The first already believe and understand, having brought with them on being reborn the intuition of what they know. Their education is complete. The second still have everything to learn; their education is still to come. Nevertheless, come it will, and if it is not completed in this existence then it will be in another.

The resistance of the unbeliever is almost always due less to himself than to the manner in which things have been put to him. Faith needs a base, one that gives complete understanding of what we are asked to accept. In order to believe it is not enough to see, but above all else it is necessary to understand. Blind faith is no longer of this century, so much so, that it is exactly blind dogmatic faith which produces the greatest number of unbelievers today, because it tries to impose itself, demanding the abdication of the most precious prerogatives of mankind, which are rationalization and free-will. It is principally against this kind of faith that the unbeliever rebels, so showing that it is true to say that faith cannot be prescribed. Due to the non-acceptance of any proofs, blind faith leaves the Spirit with a feeling of emptiness that gives birth to doubt.

Rationalized faith, when based on facts and logic, leaves no doubts. then the person believes because that are certain; and no one can be certain unless they understand. This is why they are unshakable, because unshakable faith is that which can stand face to face with reason in all epochs of humanity.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Duncan Center - John of God Meditation Healing Circle

My Dear Beloved Ones,

It is with deep appreciation and gratitude that I thank you for the opportunity to share with you my experiences and the healing energies of the Casa de Dom Inacio. I want to thank Gini Rebata for sponsoring this John of God Meditation and Healing Circle . Her time and effort is valued as well as her support.

For several people tonight night, it was their first time at a John of God Meditation and Healing Circle , especially one facilitated by me. It is important to stress that your presence was an integral part of last night’s events. Of course, I do want to emphasize and acknowledge the entities and healing spirits that came forth to assist us with our ceremony.

We had individuals from a 10 years old to retirement age, from all walks of life, as well as different ethnic backgrounds. We all experience the presence of being one. We honored the god within each and every one of us. The sacred energy that manifested itself connected us not only to our god-self but to Creator, the Source of All That Is, the magnificent unconditional love of God!

My next event will be on Wednesday October 21 at Heart Space from 7-9:00 PM. Please go to my web site for further information Also, I will be posting articles and testimonials on my blog and web site. I would appreciate any of your comments concerning your experiences from last night or previous experiences with me. I would like to post them as testimonials.

Remember my friends, It Is All Good !

I look forward to seeing soon.

Love & Light


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You Friends!

My Dear Friends,

I want to express my gratitude for your participation and support for last night's John of God Meditation and Healing Circle. I would like to emphasize that your presence, specifically your energy, was very instrumental in creating an incredibly sacred setting for the evenings activities. Many of you expressed a very soft and loving sensation and the awareness of many powerful and benevolent spirits. While others had a very deep and moving experience with spirit. I want to accentuate that whatever you experienced is exactly what was for your higher good. That no one's experience is better than someone else. IT IS ALL GOOD!

In addition, I would like to thank Cynthia Poole for allowing us to use HEART SPACE (her home) and Kris Stephan's generosity for last night's John of God Meditation Healing Circle. Kris Stephan is the care taker and is responsible for last night's gathering. Thanks Kris!

Many of you have asked about my next event that I will be facilitating. It will be next Thursday, October 1, at the Duncan Center from 7:00 - 8:30 PM. I have attach a flier with directions in emails I sent out. Visit this link for exact directions. I look forward to seeing you next week!

I will be at the HEART SPACE for the next John of God Meditation and Healing Circle at
(Kris Stephan Home) on Wednesday October 21, November 11 and December 9, 2009 from 7:00-9:00 PM. Email me for directions.

If you would like to have a more focused and in-depth experience please contact me to schedule an appointment and review my services that best suit your needs.

Many Blessings.

Love & Light


For further information contact Calvin at or 954-200-5741.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cates Ministry Services

Cates Ministry Services provides a safe, warm and sacred environment for healing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The ministry is facilitated by Rev. Calvin Cates, who for the past 15 years has developed a unique and gifted method of assisting individuals in restoring harmony, balance, happiness and well being into their lives.

As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master, Matrix Energetic’s and Shamanic Practitioner, Medium and Channel, Calvin has incorporated contemporary as well as time honored approaches in identifying and releasing unhealthy attitudes, behaviors and energies. Calvin channels an ancient language called Layooesh or Language of the Light. This channeled language when spoken carries a very high vibration. This high frequency elevates or increases the energy vibrations within the bodies awakening cellular memories stored within one’s DNA matrix of who and what we truly are…radiating light beings possessing everything necessary for our earth walk, evolution and ascension process. When the individual’s higher self embraces this event it instantaneously connects with Creator or Spirit and through this communion a healing occurs. Hence the individual understands they are the healer. Calvin’s work is individually designed to dissolve those patterns and energies that prevent this process as well as those that have created sickness, depression, pain and unhappiness. His practice includes individuals who are dealing with a range of physical conditions, difficult life situations, emotional trauma, as well as those who are seeking stress reduction and balance in their lives.

In addition, Calvin’s experiences include living and working in Brazil as a medium, guide and son of the Casa de Dom Inacio. Where the world renowned Brazilian healer and medium Joao Teixeira de Faria known as John of God who has been healing individuals through spiritual intervention for over forty five years. His experience with the casa has contributed to his knowledge and healing practice. Recently, the entities (healing spirits of the casa) gave Calvin permission to use in his practice a “Crystal Bed,” which is used by the entities for cleansings and healings at the casa. The use of the Crystal bed is meant as an extension of the work of the entities to the people who come to the casa for treatment and healing. The experiences on the crystal bed (which have been blessed and energized by the entities) range from a calming and relaxing session (balancing the chakras) to a life altering healing experience.

Calvin facilitates each session with hands on healing treatments, which include Crystal Bed Therapy, Intuitive Readings, Matrix Energetics and other modalities to bring clarity to one’s experience, processing and transformation. He works with crystals, aroma oils and music to enhance the atmosphere and your experience.

For further information contact Calvin at or 954-200-5741.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Doctor for Disease, a Shaman for the Soul


MERCED, Calif. —

The patient in Room 328 had diabetes and hypertension. But when Va Meng Lee, a Hmong shaman, began the healing process by looping a coiled thread around the patient’s wrist, Mr. Lee’s chief concern was summoning the ailing man’s runaway soul.

“Doctors are good at disease,” Mr. Lee said as he encircled the patient, Chang Teng Thao, a widower from Laos, in an invisible “protective shield” traced in the air with his finger. “The soul is the shaman’s responsibility.”

At Mercy Medical Center in Merced, where roughly four patients a day are Hmong from northern Laos, healing includes more than IV drips, syringes and blood glucose monitors. Because many Hmong rely on their spiritual beliefs to get them through illnesses, the hospital’s new Hmong shaman policy, the country’s first, formally recognizes the cultural role of traditional healers like Mr. Lee, inviting them to perform nine approved ceremonies in the hospital, including “soul calling” and chanting in a soft voice.

The policy and a novel training program to introduce shamans to the principles of Western medicine are part of a national movement to consider patients’ cultural beliefs and values when deciding their medical treatment. The approach is being adopted by dozens of medical institutions and clinics across the country that cater to immigrant, refugee and ethnic-minority populations.

Certified shamans, with their embroidered jackets and official badges, have the same unrestricted access to patients given to clergy members.

Shamans do not take insurance or other payment, although they have been known to accept a live chicken.

A recent survey of 60 hospitals in the United States by the Joint Commission, the country’s largest hospital accrediting group, found that the hospitals were increasingly embracing cultural beliefs, driven sometimes by marketing, whether by adding calcium- and iron-rich Korean seaweed soup to the maternity ward menu at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, on the edge of Koreatown, or providing birthing doulas for Somali women in Minneapolis.

In Merced, about 120 miles southeast of San Francisco, the Mercy hospital shaman program was designed to strengthen the trust between doctors and the Hmong community — a form of healing in the broadest sense. It tries to redress years of misunderstanding between the medical establishment and the Hmong, whose lives in the mountains of Laos were irreparably altered by the Vietnam War. Hmong soldiers, Mr. Lee among them, were recruited by the C.I.A. in the 1960s to fight the covert war against Communist insurgents in Laos and afterward, to avoid retribution, were forced to flee to the refugee camps, with most resettling in California’s Central Valley and in the Midwest.

During a seven-week training program at Mercy Medical Center, 89 shamans learned elements of Western-style medicine, including germ theory. They visited operating rooms and peered through microscopes for the first time. Looking at heart cells, one shaman, an elderly woman, asked the pathologist to show her a “happy heart.”

Designed to defuse the Hmong fear of Western medicine, the program has “built trust both ways,” said Dr. John Paik-Tesch, director of the Merced Family Medicine Residency Program, which trains resident physicians at Mercy Medical Center.

Since the refugees began arriving 30 years ago, health professionals like Marilyn Mochel, a registered nurse who helped create the hospital’s policy on shamans, have wrestled with how best to resolve immigrants’ health needs given the Hmong belief system, in which surgery, anesthesia, blood transfusions and other common procedures are taboo.

The result has been a high incidence of ruptured appendixes, complications from diabetes, and end-stage cancers, with fears of medical intervention and delays in treatment exacerbated by “our inability to explain to patients how physicians make decisions and recommendations,” Ms.. Mochel said.

The consequences of miscommunication between a Hmong family and the hospital in Merced was the subject of the book “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and The Collision of Two Cultures” by Anne Fadiman (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1997). The book follows a young girl’s treatment for epilepsy and the hospital’s failure to recognize the family’s deep-seated cultural beliefs. The fallout from the case and the book prompted much soul-searching at the hospital and helped lead to its shaman policy.

Hmong believe that souls, like errant children, are capable of wandering off or being captured by malevolent spirits, causing illness. Mr. Lee’s ceremony for the diabetic man was a spiritual inoculation, meant to protect his soul from being kidnapped by his late wife and thus extending his “life visa.”

Such ceremonies, which last 10 minutes to 15 minutes and must be cleared with a patient’s roommates, are tame versions of elaborate rituals that abound in Merced, especially on weekends, when suburban living rooms and garages are transformed into sacred spaces and crowded by over a hundred friends and family members. Shamans like Ma Vue, a 4-foot, 70-something dynamo with a tight bun, go into trances for hours, negotiating with spirits in return for sacrificed animals — a pig, for instance, was laid out recently on camouflage fabric on a living room floor.

Certain elements of Hmong healing ceremonies, like the use of gongs, finger bells and other boisterous spiritual accelerators, require the hospital’s permission. Janice Wilkerson, the hospital’s “integration” director, said it was also unlikely that the hospital would allow ceremonies involving animals, like one in which evil spirits are transferred onto a live rooster that struts across a patient’s chest.

“The infection control nurse would have a few problems with that,” Ms. Wilkerson said.

A turning point in the skepticism of staff members occurred a decade ago, when a major Hmong clan leader was hospitalized here with a gangrenous bowel. Dr. Jim McDiarmid, a clinical psychologist and director of the residency program, said that in deference hundreds of well-wishers, a shaman was allowed to perform rituals, including placing a long sword at the door to ward off evil spirits. The man miraculously recovered. “That made a big impression, especially on the residents,” Dr. McDiarmid said.

Social support and beliefs affect a patient’s ability to rebound from illness, Dr. McDiarmid added, pointing out that over half of the people who respond to antidepressants do so because of the placebo effect.

One of the goals of the new policy, Ms. Mochel said, is to speed up medical intervention by having a healing ceremony coincide with a hospital stay, rather than waiting days for a patient to confer with family and clan leaders after a ceremony at home.

Attitudes toward Western doctors have begun to loosen as young, assimilated Hmong-Americans assume more powerful roles in the family. Dr. Kathie Culhane-Pera, the associate medical director of the West Side Community Health Center in St. Paul, home to the country’s largest concentration of Hmong, said she worked informally with shamans, obtaining permission from the hospital to turn off the smoke alarms for incense, for example. Signs of the growing movement in cross-cultural health care can be found on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona, where the federal Indian Health Service has three medicine men on staff and recently instituted a training program similar to Mercy’s.

At White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Hector Flores, the chairman of the family medicine department, refers patients to, traditional Hispanic healers, curanderos, on a case-by-case basis. The facility also trains community members as “promotores de salud,” or health promoters. Dr. Flores called it a “low-tech approach in which the physician is not the end-all, but part of a collaborative team geared toward prevention.”

At the hospital in Merced, Dr. Lesley Xiong, 26, a resident physician, grew up as the granddaughter of two distinguished shamans. Though she chose to become a doctor, she said there was ample room for both approaches. “If I were sick, I would want a shaman to be there,” Dr. Xiong said. “But I’d go to the hospital.”

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

About the Crystal Bed

The Crystal Bed is a healing system using an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals. A session consists of lying on the bed for approximately 20 to 60 minutes while listening to soothing music. The individual receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed. Seven quartz are positioned in a fixed array over the Chakra centers at a level approximately 12 inches above the body. The crystals radiate color to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies. Light and color shine through each crystal in alternating patterns creating a spiraling amplification of energy from the root Chakra to the crown Chakras.

The Crystal bed Healing has an inter-dimensional effect and the vibrational patterns manifest higher and higher levels of awareness, harmony and peace. The use of the Crystal Bed is meant as an extension of the work of the entities (healing spirits) to the people who come to the Casa de Dom Inacio for treatment. The experiences on the crystal bed (which have been blessed and energized by the entities) range from a calming and relaxing session to a life altering healing experience.

To see more photographs and information visit Rev. Cates site.

For further information contact him at 954-200-5741 or

Friday, June 30, 2006

John of God

John of God with Calvin after a long day at work!

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Rev. Calvin Cates in the Surgery Room

Here Rev. Calvin Cates is in the Surgery Room in deep meditation. He is working with other mediums channeling the healing energy of the casa entities in preparation for the spiritual operations or interventions as well as passes (cleansings) for individuals who have just been seen by the entity.

Click on the image to supersize view

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Group visting the casa in Brazil

Group Picture - As a Guide Rev. Cates take groups and individuals to the casa. He assists in the preparations, accommodations, the protocols, interpreting and the processing of the experiences and the energies. There are many more photographs visit his site.